Why are white people expats when the rest of us are immigrants?

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Surely any person going to work outside their country is an emigrant? But no, the word alone applies to white people

In the vocabulary of human migration there are still hierarchical terms, created with the purpose of putting white people above everyone else. One of those residues is the word expat.

What is an expat? And who is an expat? Harmonizing to Wikipedia, an expatriate( often decreased to expat) is a person temporarily or permanently residing in a country other than that of the persons upbringing. The word comes from the Latin expressions ex( out of) and patria( country, fatherland ).

Defined that style, you should expressed his belief that any person going to work outside of his or her country for a period of age would be an expat, regardless of his skin colour or country. But that is not the case in reality; expat is a expression used solely for western white people to be working abroad.

Africans are immigrants. Arabs are immigrants. Asians are immigrants. Nonetheless, Europeans are expats because they cant be at the same degree as other ethnicities. They are superior. Immigrants is a expression putting aside for inferior races.

Dont take my text for it. The Wall Street Journal, the leading financial information store in “the worlds”, has a blog dedicated to the life of expats and recently they boasted a tale Who is an expat, anyway ?. Here are the main conclusions: Some appearances are described as expats; others as immigrants; and some simply as moves. It depends on social class, native land and financial status. Its unusual to hear some people in Hong Kong described as expats, but not others. Anyone with seeds in a western country is considered an expat Filipino domestic helpers are just patrons, even if theyve been there for decades. Mandarin-speaking mainland Chinese are rarely regarded as expats Its a doubled criterion knitted into official policy.

The reality is the same in Africa and Europe. Top African professionals going to work in Europe are not considered expats. They are immigrants. Period. I work for multinational organisations both in the private and public spheres. And being black or coloured doesnt advantage me the call expat. Im a highly qualified immigrant, as they announce me, to be politically correct, responds an African migrant worker.

Most white people deny that they enjoy the privileges of a racist organization. And why not? But our responsibility is to point out and to deny them these liberties, directly related to an outdated supremacist doctrine. If you examine those expats in Africa, call them immigrants like everyone else. If that jeopardizes their grey predominance, they are unable jump in the air and stay here. The government deconstruction of this outdated worldview should be pursued.

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