Dutch King Reveals He’s Been An Airline Pilot For 21 Years

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This head of state has one affecting back hustle.

The king of the Netherlands has been co-piloting business flights for 21 times with Dutch airline KLM, he revealed in a newspaper interview this week.

Frequently, passengers continue oblivious as the ruler charters them to destinations around Europe on the airline‘s Cityhopper service.

” The advantage is that I can always say that I care everyone a fervent welcome in the name of the chieftain and the crew ,” King Willem-Alexander told De Telegraaf newspaper.” So I don’t have to say my own honour. But the majority of members of the people don’t listen regardless .”

According to his imperial bio, the sovereign” is extremely interested in flying .” He got his business pilot’s license in 1987 and has floated as a” patron aviator” for KLM since 2001, long before commencing his reign in 2013. This time, he paused his co-pilot functions to receive educate on the airline’s newer planes, with the intent to continue his service.

Go, ruler, disappear!

Read more: http :// www.huffingtonpost.com/ record/ dutch-king-klm_us_5 91 ce510e4b034684b0947ee

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