Couple Shares Why They Cant Leave Their Home And Everyone Is Telling Them To Burn Their House

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Queensland, Australia resident Lauren Ansell was cooking dinner with her sweetheart the other night when an sudden pilgrim grew their hushed evening into a darknes of horror. It was a huntsman spider, a horrify dinner plate-sized animal, and he wasn’t in the mood for any funny business.

Though not extremely dangerous to humen, huntsman spiders will chew if exasperated- and you better believe the bad boy impounding this duo hostage was unfortunate when they tried to move him. Even their poor “cat-o-nine-tail” was too afraid of the devilish being to make a move. Would they be doomed to forever cower inside their dwelling at the behest of a imperil arachnid?

After the fierce stand-off culminated in Ansell’s partner attempting to crush the eight-legged attacker squandering the glass entrance, the antagonist retreated with minor meanders. “We nicknamed the spider’ Aragog’ from Harry Potter, and feel the spider has run into the proscribed wood, ” Ansell told local media in conclusion. Though it’s uncertain whether Aragog is gone for good, or simply lying in wait until his next onrush, at the least everyone involved in this harrowing theatre “re coming out” alive.

An Australian duet was recently forming dinner when an uninvited patron turned up at their door

It was a giant huntsman spider, and he wasn’t in the mood for any funny business

Lauren Ansell and her boyfriend, the homeowners, were locked in a infamous stand-off

“We nicknamed the spider’ Aragog’ from Harry Potter … “

The name is surely well fitted, just look at his huge long legs!

See footage of the terrifying encounter for yourself below, though be prepared to squirm

People were outraged to say the least

What would you do if you encountered such a spider yourself? Tell us in specific comments below!

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