Trump-like inflatable chicken pops up near White House

This is another iHustler exclusive!!

A giant inflatable chicken with gilded locks is back at the White House.

Back in April the so-called “Trump chicken” became a mascot during the Tax March. Now the inflatable poultry with a Trump-like hairdo is back, popping up Wednesday in the Ellipse park just behind the White House.

Many observed something was different and pointed out the golden-haired chicken Wednesday.

One news station even had a Facebook Live of the chicken shot.

This man claimed persons responsible for todays chicken spectacle. He told HuffPost that Trump is too chicken to exhaust his tax returns and stand up to Russian president Vladimir Putin. He supposedly expended $1,300 on his visual protest.

Inflatable chickens are available on eBay for $500. They ogle almost identical to the Trump rooster bronze that popped up in China last year. The chicken spotted at the White House Wednesday seems to make appearancesevery so often.

Too bad Trump is still in Bedminster, New Jersey, missing out on all the D.C. fun.

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