Eric Trump: ‘The People Of This Country Love My Father’

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Eric Trump assembled Sean Hannity on the Fox News host’s Monday night program and sorrowed Republicans who” do not crusade” for his father, peculiarly considering President Donald Trump‘s gargantuan popularity.

” I demand somebody to start fighting for him ,” Trump alleged of the president.” How much weight does he have to carry by himself? My parent has the enunciate of home countries. The parties of home countries affection him. Why wouldn’t[ Republicans] get in line ?”

Last month, polls showed that President Trump’s approval ratings were at historic lows practically six months into office.

A Washington Post/ ABC News referendum found that exclusively 36 percent of Americans approve of Trump’s job performance as chairman. A Bloomberg canvas found that Trump had a 40 percentage acceptance rating.

Compared with past chairpeople, Trump’s approval rating was the lowest six-month favor rating dating back 70 times. President Barack Obama had a 59 percentage permission rating six months into his first term.

The president himself has also made clear his exasperation with members of his own party. Last month, the president tweeted that it was ” really sad” that Republican” do very little to protect their president .”

The attack on members of his own party came after the president tweeted his outrage is again over the investigation into Russia’s meddling in the 2016 presidential expedition, an inquiry he has repeatedly labeled as” a witch hunt .”

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