Florida woman reveals why she beat up a racist white woman in viral video

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A Florida woman is receiving the internet’s accolade for beating up a racist grey gal in a fight that was recorded and announced to social media.

The video obliged the rounds on social media Wednesday. It depicts a woman in a off-color dress foment and thumping Colleen Dagg, the status of women who did the massacre.

“Before the start of the video … the woman in the blue dress apparently said something prejudiced about Haitians to, ” the Root reported.

The video sees hotel works ogling on as Dagg hurls pierces and outstrips the woman in the blue dress to the ground. After the fight, the status of women in the blue dress says she’s pregnant. But the video clearly shows her initiating the fight.

Dagg explained in a tweet why she stood up against the prejudiced lily-white female.

“This is a young country, built on intolerance, ” Dagg wrote. “Black people have been disenfranchised for 250 years.”

She added that “peace and understanding” will exclusively come after white people substantiate the country’s record of racism.

“Fighting racism is dependent upon me squandering my lily-white privilege of the human rights reasons, ” she wrote.

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