President Trump Looked At The Eclipse Without Protective Glasses

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By now, epitomes of the majestic solar eclipse that forgiveness the beaches of America have detonation their direction across your bulletin feeds. A few of you may have been lucky enough to witness the once-in-a-lifetime supernatural dance in person, whether you were in Oregon or Tennessee, or anywhere in-between.

Even President Trump came in on the Sun-blocking act- but, being Donald J. Trump, he naturally took in the stately slews in precisely the wrong way.

It’s well documented that if you look at the eclipse with the naked heart, it does some serious damage to your retinas. Specific, it burns them, which as you can imagine has some terrifically unspeakable results for your vision.

That’s why that, all over social media, canadian researchers and reporters were essentially bellowing at parties- sometimes in all detonators- to make sure that everyone had their protective glass on, so they could keep watching the eclipse without becoming dazzle. Now, ladies and gentlemen, you’ll never guess who dismissed this advice.

Standing on a balcony in front of the press, the President of the United States, wearing no such ocular shield at all, looked up at the blazing Sun as the Moon gracefully changed in front of it. Harmonizing to reports, one aide-de-camp shouted up at him: “Don’t look! ”

He was originally proven wearing the protective glasses, but- soon after twinkling a thumbs up to the accumulate reporters- he decided to look up at the eclipse without wearing them. As ever, Trump simply couldn’t facilitate himself.

Judging by the footage, it doesn’t look like he looked down the full might of our regional virtuoso for too long, so it’s unlikely his retinas got too blackened. Still, we’re not sure how he’s going to make America great again if he can’t actually see.

Incidentally, a press release sent out to reporters shortly before the overshadow took place has pointed out that the Commander-in-Chief would be “watching the total eclipse from the Truman Balcony[ of the White House] with the First Lady.” BuzzFeed’s Zahra Hirji noted that from Washington DC, only a partial eclipse would be seen- and shortly afterward, the White House press statement was updated.

The Trump administration and its figurehead already have the ignominious reputation of being the most anti-scientific federal government departments in living storage, but this may be a brand-new preserve. Frankly: how can anyone get a solar eclipse bad- on several instances?

Well, there’s a first time for everything, we suppose.

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