Costa Rica Just Ran 300 Days On 100 Percent Renewable Electricity

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Costa Rica may be a small country, but it aims high when it is necessary to clean energy. Back in 2015, it generated 100 percent of its energy from renewable energy sources for 299 days, and back in 2016, it moved for 271 periods on anything but fossil fuels.

Now it seems it’s just bested its 2015 achievement, having run for 300 eras on a mixture of hydro, breath, geothermal, biomass, and solar energy. This stellar record moves hand-in-hand with the government’s plan to become carbon neutral by 2021, a deadline that was set up more than 10 years ago.

According to a new report by the Costa Rican Institute of Electricity,( ICE ), with six weeks left of 2017 to drive, it looks likely the total number of clean energy-powered eras will increase.

Carlos Manuel Obregon, the executive chairwoman of ICE, explains that improvements to the grid, and ameliorates to various clean power power plants, have helped them reach this new zenith.

Although this is great news, some caveats are necessary.

Costa Rica’s big sizing and person mean that it can accomplish these laudable purposes without the same impediment that, say, China, the US, or the countries within the EU are currently experiencing. It also has abundant natural resources- specially hydropower and geothermal informants- that many countries lack.

It must also be pointed out, nonetheless, that Costa Rica has had the foresight to not invest in fossil fuel, when others did not. Additionally, said industry maintains no substantial sway over its government, which has put back environment mitigation endeavors elsewhere by decades.

Yes, the impact of Costa Rica departing fully fossil fuel-free “wouldve been”, on a practical level, fairly insignificant. It currently causes 1,241 times less greenhouse gases than China, for example, so its contribution to fighting climate change is relatively minor.

Nevertheless, annals like this new renewable milestone support massive symbolic supremacy. They demonstrate that its willingness to clean-living intensity reaches sense on both an ecological rank and a socio-economic level.

If anything, countries including Costa Rica show other developing nations- specially its neighbors, and spate of people disbanded across Africa– that you don’t need coal to strength your own country when various forms of clean exertion wreak just fine.

Problems still dwell in the Central American commonwealth. Unlike countless developed world, Costa Rica has no plans to oust the million or so vehicles still consuming dirty internal combustion engines, which do indeed have a noticeable negative impact on both air character and the climate.

Nevertheless, when it comes to energy, the wealthiest commonwealths on Ground are lagging far behind locates like Costa Rica. In this impression, this slice of paradise is a harbinger of brighter daylights to come.

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